The 2018 Rocky Mountain show in Denver, Colorado is going to take place on October 5-7. 

We are thrilled to showcase the A1.5, our brand new power amplifier for the first time in the United States.Please do join us for a listen of this amazing new amp in room 3024.

In addition, the entire range of CH products will be on show! Don't miss any of it by visiting rooms 3024, Iris and Humboldt Peak.

We are looking forward to meeting you over there.

The world's first of the A1.5 power amplifier took place during last weekend's Hong Kong show!

The setup consisted of two working prototypes paired with Wilson Audio Alexx speakers in one of the large rooms of the Convention Center. The result was spectacular, the entire Team hopes you enjoyed it.

Full production in November 2018, stay tuned!

The entire Team is very happy to announce that the first I1 integrated amplifiers have left our assembly place at the end of last week!

Please do not hesitate to contact your local dealer for a demo.

In order to be able to use the new CH Link HD cable, a new input connector was needed into the C1 digital input HD board. But this is not only a matter of connector...

Together with the support of the new CH Link HD cable, the onboard chipset was upgraded to the latest available components. This ensures the most accurate transmission inside the C1 controller, whatever the stream's sampling frequency and format is.

A few years after the introduction of the CH Link cable for transmission of the digital stream between D1 drive and C1 D/A controller, a new cable is introduced that replaces the original link. The CH Link HD is based on the latest generation of high-speed backplane connectors and impedance-controlled cable.

In combination with the new D1 digital output HD board and C1 digital input HD board, the end result is dramatically improved.