Work philosophy

CH Precision's work philosophy has been forged over the years by combining a mixture of strong entrepreneurial mind, a drive to always exceed expectations, and the love for well executed work.

The expertise CH Precision's team has acquired over the years combined with a systematic and scientific approach used in every part of the designs allows CH products to achieve ultimate performances, accuracy and speed while retaining a transparent, yet natural sound.

CH Precision's engineers strive to develop new circuit topologies and get better performances by constantly looking further than what has already been achieved. Starting from previously designed building blocks, in-depth researches are conducted to analyse the performances and limitations of the circuit/product in order to reach the next layer of refinement.

Great attention to details, high quality components not only ensures the high electrical performances to the unit but also allows CH Precision to deliver flawlessly finished products which convey a strong luxury feel.

Every piece of analogue audio circuitry inside the units is fully discrete, transistor based and fully symmetrical. This provides the shortest path possible as well as a high slew rate, high bandwidth, low noise and low distortion performances, resulting in a truly musical reproduction.

Customers' needs are always at the forefront of CH Precision's designs. The modular approach used throughout all the products enables many system configurations to be realized using the same piece of equipment. Moreover, the slots provided at the back of the units can receive optional boards. This not only allows a unit to be tailored to a customer's system requirements, but CH Precision can also develop new boards in the event of a new digital standard becoming the de facto standard, all in all making CH products future-proof. Customers can enjoy their product for a longer period of time, ultimately reducing waste and therefore helping the environment. Every CH product consumes less than 1 Watt in Standby, complying with the latest environmental regulations.

CH Precision is and will always be fully committed to developing exclusive Swiss Made audio products in the future which redefine the boundaries of state of the art audio.