CH Precision is a Swiss company dedicated to the design, manufacturing and commercialization of ultra high-end audio products under the 'CH' brand. Fully designed and manufactured in Switzerland, CH products stand out for their exceptional audio performances and build quality. Although the company is still fairly young, the team has a solid experience and a proven track record in designing high performance, high-end audio from its previous activities with ABC-PCB (high-end audio OEM) and ANAGRAM Technologies (audio DSP technologies) among others.

Whereas product design and final assembly are fully done in-house, manufacturing is handled by local business partners. The enclosures are machined by specialized Swiss companies active in the luxury watch industry. Printed circuit board assembly is handled by ISO certified partners in the Swiss Alps area. Working hand in hand with highly skilled, dedicated people allows CH Precision to deliver a consistent perfect quality to all its products.

The team has an unrivaled experience in the high-end audio industry covering both digital & analog board design, DSP software, FPGA programming as well as mechanical design. This is confirmed by the specialized press recognition and the numerous awards received by all CH products. CH Precision also closely collaborates with Technology Institutes and Universities to keep up-to-date with the latest research and technological developments. The company strongly believes that correctly applied technology confirmed by in-depth measurements at the lab and finally a thorough listening is the way to improve the art of audio reproduction.

CH products provide a unique blend of ultimate audio performance, timeless design and build quality. Based on the latest technologies and open for future upgrades due to its modular approach, they make every audiophile's heart beat faster. Last but not least, the company takes enormous pride in correlating superb audio performance with excellent measured performance and reliability.